Tips for Lake George Real Estate Agents: Dealing with Difficult Real Estate Clients

Tips for Lake George Real Estate Agents: Dealing with Difficult Real Estate Clients

The real estate business is a people business and, as a professional broker, I’ve come to realize that satisfying some people is not so easy to do. Here are a few examples of challenges I’ve come across in Lake George real estate and my tips for minimizing bad experiences and improving client relationships. 
Problem: When dealing with a couple, or more than one person, not all concerned parties are on the same page. 
Solution: As the agent, you must keep an unbiased professional relationship with each individual and make sure each person feels that his or her preferences are being met.
Problem: After the closing, and sometimes during, the seller announces that their property was worth more than what they accepted. Conversely, the buyer often comments that they paid too much. 
Solution: It is best to not react or say anything in response. Both parties will learn the truth over time and, usually, the price is fair for both the buyer and seller.
Problem: The most unsatisfied people are the ones who do not end up with a specific property when they are vying for the same listing with one or two other clients.
Solution: No matter what you do in this situation, someone is going to be unsatisfied. As the agent, it’s simply your job to make sure all interested parties are represented fairly and then turnover the responsibility of deciding which one ends up with the signed contract to the seller. 

Problem: If the agency sells the listing too fast, the seller complains that the property was "underpriced", and if it takes too long to sell the listing, it must be "overpriced." 
Solution: Some people are impossible to please and it might be best to just let them vent and keep quiet. However, don’t be afraid to remind your clients why they hired you in the first place: your skills, experience and track record of success. Stand firmly, but calmly, behind your methods and decisions.
As real estate professionals, most of us are very concerned with satisfying our clients and we do everything we can to reach their expectations. Unfortunately, there are all kinds of clients and real estate transactions, and some kinds are hard to handle. If you take the time to listen to your clients, put yourself in their shoes, educate them, and stand your ground, the unsatisfied clients will be few and far between.

It’s Not You, It’s Me. (This is for you, too, clients!)

Not all clients and real estate agents are a good fit, which is why I recommend that both real estate clients and agents pre-screen one another to determine compatibility. When interviewing each other, take note: Is he or she on time? Presentable? Courteous? How’s the chemistry? 
If you are interested in learning more about Lake George Real Estate, or are a client searching for a Lake George real estate agent, contact me to set up a meeting today or call me at (518) 361-0230!
Lonnie Lawrence is a licensed real estate broker and lifetime resident of Lake George. Her 40+ years of experience and vast knowledge of the region have made her an expert on Lake George Real Estate.

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Tips for Lake George Real Estate Agents | Dealing with Difficult Real Estate Clients

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As a Lake George Real Estate Agent, I realize that satisfying some clients is not so easy to do. Here are a few tips for dealing with difficult clients and resolving those hard to handle situations. 


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